Thieves, An Oral Nightmare

The Thieves, An Oral Nightmare

Why did you steal my teeth
when I only wanted to hear the music?
If my mind wandered
did you have to do your trick
make vanish what I’d lived with all my life?

They were performing Brahms’s third sonata
one bowing on spiked heels in a sleek red dress
the other one pudgy drew ultimate heart
from the nine foot grand she sat at
Was it then with your sleight of hand
you snatched my mouth’s furniture?

How I wound up on the train after that
I don’t know. It was rush hour, the compartments filled
and I was me trapped and forgotten in a corner
unable to chew and being hungry
being soft and unable to fight

They say be grateful that you still have your eyes
thank god or your stars and try to behave
Complaints are not needed, it’s wartime
and keep your mouth shut, you’re not very pretty

from A Slant of Light

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